UNISFair 2018

29 September, 2018
  • Moscow — 29 September 2018
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UNISFair 2018

Dear Sir/Madam,

ITEC is inviting you to participate in UNISFair 2018 – a highly-specialized Fair of education abroad, which will be held in Moscow on 29 September, 2018.

ITEC holds this annual fair in February, but since the traditional British Council fair will not take place this year, we have decided to organize UNISFair in September. It is in autumn when Russian students start looking for information on programmes, application process and admission requirements, so educational universities will have an excellent opportunity to recruit prospective students.

The interest in higher education abroad remains strong and Russian students are looking forward to the autumn’s educational event and to meeting with representatives of universities. This fair is a great opportunity for our participants to introduce themselves and influence the decisions of potential students as personal contacts are vitally important for making the final choice.

Why to participate in UNISFair 2018?

  • The only specialized large-scale fair dedicated to the university education
  • Targeted audience only: high-school students with parents, students of the universities and the clients, who are interested in the education abroad
  • Special promotion of the event in mass media, high schools, universities and cultural institutions
  • Every exhibitor will be provided with a personal assistant
  • Photo and video reports provided after the Fair

The cost* includes:

  • A meeting table
  • An assisting interpreter
  • Conference lunch
  • Marketing campaign & advertising
  • Gala dinner

Please don’t hesitate to contact ITEC Event manager Alexandra Orudzhova if any question arises at:  events@itec.com.ru or via phone +7 929 964 95 44/ +7 495 708 42 42 ext.216                                                         

*Costs do not include air fares, airport transfers, hotel accommodation and postal expenses